New Faculty Transition Program

The New Faculty Transition Program consists of four components: cohort formation to create a network of peers; introduction of skills for running a successful research program; well-being and resilience approaches for sustainable work-life integration, and mentoring from institutional leaders.


New Faculty Eligibility

  • PI of a lab with independent, assigned space
  • Rank of Assistant Professor or Acting Assistant Professor
  • Have accepted an offer that will make them eligible upon arrival
  • Start date in SoM new faculty appointment before July 1, 2021

Rolling Enrollment throughout the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Important Facts

The program will consist of monthly, 90-minute sessions that include one hour of active learning and thirty minutes of discussion with a leading SoM faculty member.

We anticipate supporting each new faculty member for a year or so and initiating new cohorts annually. We hope that the members will remain in touch after our active support ends.

Although the program will begin using Zoom, we hope to return to in-person sessions as soon as feasible.

For more information about the program, please contact Anne Browning (