Research Facilities and Resources

UW researchers and support staff at the Magnuson Health Sciences Center, the UW Medical Center sites, at Harborview Medical Center, and at the South Lake Union research hub explore every aspect of health and disease, from the molecular mechanisms of gene action to population studies of global illnesses and cancers.

The award winning research and innovations at the School of Medicine are made possible by our outstanding facilities, resources, and services. This world-class infrastructure enables remarkable laboratory discoveries, fosters interdisciplinary collaborations, and supports the translation of biomedical knowledge into leading-edge treatments and medical breakthroughs. Whether mapping the human genome or studying global pandemics, our facilities and resources are available to support our researchers.

Research Resources and Services

The University of Washington and the School of Medicine offer a wide range of resources and services designed to directly support the work and success of our researchers.

Clinical Trials Office (CTO)

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) provides centralized support and services for physician investigators and their teams conducing clinical trials and research studies. The CTO helps guide teams through the study start-up, trial execution, and close-out processes within the University of Washington.

The CTO is committed to research excellence while protecting the health, safety, and well-being of study participants.


Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) is a branch of the UW Libraries system and is an outstanding, state-of-the-art resource center for students and faculty, offering many tools and resources for researchers including publications and citation databases, tools for translational researchers and help assessing publication impact. Examples of the support provided include, but are not limited to:

– Educating and assisting users to identify, evaluate and manage information
– Providing on-site and remote access to information resources
– Offer a shared physical and virtual learning commons
– Conducing literature searches and providing research support


Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS)

The Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS) is dedicated to speeding science to the clinic for the benefit of patients and communities throughout the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (WWAMI) region and beyond.

ITHS offers resources to researchers that increase the speed at which scientific discoveries can be translated into treatments that improve health outcomes for patients and communities.


Network of Research Centers and Institutes

The University of Washington is known for its strategic, multidisciplinary research. Within our extensive network of Centers and Institutes, UW researchers, staff, and students work across disciplines to extend the boundaries of knowledge.


UW CoMotion

UW CoMotion, the University’s technology transfer office, is available for researchers to report an innovation, explore commercialization strategies, and to discuss intellectual property issues. CoMotion can help UW researchers maximize the impact of their work without compromising research goals.


Gender-Neutral Restrooms

S Building / Level P1:

There are 2 single-occupancy rooms to the left of P120 labeled “All-Gender Restroom” with toilet sign iconography.

F Building / Level F2:

There are 2 single-occupancy rooms, both to the left of the check-in desk; one in hallway 1 labeled “Restroom Changing Table” & one in the hallway between hallways 2 & 3 labeled “Restroom”, both with Male-Presenting | Female-Presenting sign iconography.

F Building / Level 3:

There are 3 single occupancy rooms to the left of the check-in desk; one in hallway 1, one in hallway 2, and one in hallway 3, all labeled “Restroom” with Male-Presenting | Female-Presenting sign iconography.