If the federally-funded proposal has Multiple PIs (also called “Co-PIs”), the Multiple PIs with a home department in the SoM must have a faculty title that falls within the PI Eligibility criteria.

Checklist for Federal Multiple PI Applications

  1. 1. In the eGC1 personnel, the faculty member’s role is Multiple PI.
  2. 2. Within the SF424 Personnel and Budget sections, the multiple PI’s role is “PD/PI.”  Co-PI is no longer used.
  3. 3. The Multiple PI has been added to the eGC1 Approval Flow.
  4. 4. A Multiple PI plan has been uploaded to the SF424.
  5. 5. If the Multiple PI is Eligible by Exception for the SoM PI Eligibility criteria, a letter of support is attached to the eGC1.