About School of Medicine Research Events and Trainings

Adding to the already rich and varied offerings from the School of Medicine’s academic departments and graduate-level programs, the School of Medicine offers events that engage biomedical scientists at all levels of training and professional development. Many events are open to scientists beyond the School of Medicine, often in collaboration with our partners within the University of Washington as well as with regional and national partners.

Research Training Information and Resources

Biomedical research integrity

The Biomedical Research Integrity (BRI) program series is offered and managed by the Department of Bioethics and Humanities. The BRI program series supports the responsible conduct of research training and instruction requirement for various federal training grants and fellowships.

The BRI program uses a series of public lectures and discussion groups to address topics pertaining to the responsible conduct of research, including:

  • Conflict of interest
  • Data acquisition and ownership
  • Peer review
  • Responsible authorship
  • Research misconduct

Visit the Department of Bioethics and Humanities BRI website​ for additional information about this program.

Rigor, reproducibility and transparency

The Rigor, Reproducibility and Transparency (RRT) seminar series is offered by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in collaboration with the University of Washington. Presenters include faculty from each of the several ongoing training grants at Fred Hutch and the UW. Seminar lectures focus on a detailed discussion of established or emerging methodologies and aim to describe their strengths, limitations and pitfalls so those employing or interpreting the data gain a realistic understanding of what can and cannot be learned.

Trainees are encouraged to attend a seminar during its live broadcast but may also view the previous seminar up to 30 days after it was held. Trainees must complete the brief survey provided at the end of a seminar so participation can be noted by their training grant.

Have you attended a seminar? Please complete this brief survey about the seminar to receive attendance credit.

Clinical training and development

Training and mentoring resources, including frequent seminars on clinical research management topics, are offered through the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS). ITHS provides services to both faculty and research staff.

IRB approval processes are managed and taught through the Human Subjects Division.

Training and workshops on pre- and post-award fiscal management of clinical studies are offered to faculty and research staff through the Clinical Research Budget and Billing Office​.

The Certificate Program in Clinical Trials is offered by UW Professional and Continuing Education (UW Extension).

Policies and presentations on numerous compliance topics can be found at UW Medicine Compliance.