Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Biomedical Research Community

The UW School of Medicine Office of Research and Graduate Education (RGE) is committed to assuring that the climate of the biomedical research community is welcoming and respectful of our diverse members. To accomplish this, we created programs to help us achieve our shared goals of equity, diversity, and inclusion in teaching, mentoring, research, and hiring. These programs focus on EVALUATION AND ENGAGEMENT, INCLUSIVE MENTORING, and RESTORATIVE JUSTICE to transform our climate to be truly supportive of community members from diverse backgrounds.

CLIMATE: Evaluation and Engagement

The hierarchical structure of authority in academia that historically excluded many members of our community continues to marginalize and silence many individuals. Any efforts to improve our research and graduate education climate must elevate and amplify the voices of those who are most vulnerable. Our climate change initiatives begin with evaluation and use data to guide improvements in our mentoring and research practices. We collaborate with groups representing diverse students and faculty to ensure that our programming serves the needs of our entire community.


The microclimates within research labs give mentors significant power to create local cultures than can either reinforce the problematic hierarchy or challenge it. Mentors and trainees alike are seeking training that empowers them to create the kind of supporting, nurturing climate in labs to which we all aspire.

Restorative Justice

Restorative justice offers mechanisms for community building, healing, and restoration while facilitating the development of a shared understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in a nonjudgmental process and a values-based holistic healing process for those who have been harmed and those who have harmed. The restorative justice mechanisms implemented by RGE in the UW School of Medicine focus on supporting those who have been harmed and changing social norms rather than on punishing individual misbehavior.