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SLU Research Hub

Researchers at UW Medicine’s continually expanding biomedical and clinical research hub at South Lake Union (SLU) are working to develop life-changing therapies and medical breakthroughs. The site includes more than 1,200 researchers and staff in five lab buildings.

Green design is a hallmark of UW Medicine’s South Lake Union campus, a recipient of the American Institute of Architects Washington Council Civic Design Award. The buildings include sustainable, high-performance features such as a highly efficient chilled beam radiant cooling system, significant natural day-lighting supplemented by automated lighting control systems in laboratory areas, and exterior sun shades that limit solar gain, further reducing energy use. Sustainably harvested wood decking and low water use vegetation complete the design.

Resources & Programs at South Lake Union

SLU Campus Map

Buildings C, D, N, S
850 Republican Street
Seattle WA 98109
Loading Dock: 206.897.1547

Building E, F
750 Republican Street
Seattle WA 98109
Loading Dock: 206.543.6379

Campus Mail: UW Medicine at SLU
University of Washington
Campus Box 358050
Seattle WA 98195

SLU Gender-Neutral Restrooms

S Building / Level P1:
There are 2 single-occupancy rooms to the left of P120 labeled “All-Gender Restroom” with toilet sign iconography.

F Building / Level 3:
There are 3 single-occupancy rooms to the left of the check-in desk; one in hallway 1, one in hallway 2, and one in hallway 3, all labeled “Restroom” with Male-Presenting | Female-Presenting sign iconography.

F Building / Level F2:
There are 2 single-occupancy rooms, both to the left of the check-in desk. One is located in hallway 1 and is labeled “Restroom Changing Table” & one is in the hallway between hallways 2 & 3, labeled “Restroom”. Both have Male-Presenting | Female-Presenting sign iconography.

UW/Fred Hutch South Lake Union shuttle

The UW/Fred Hutch South Lake Union Shuttle operates Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays, and consists of two routes with stops at affiliated medical research facilities. Service between UWMC and South Lake Union is intended for employees and visitors with business at UW School of Medicine, Fred Hutch, Harborview Hospital or Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Building Contacts

SLU Reception
Seattle PD West Precinct
Matthew Curry
Research Operations Manager

SLU Security
Facilities Manager
Michael Young
Facility Operations Manager
206.310.3139 (office)
206.240.8591 (cell)

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