Basic Sciences Trainee Affinity Groups  

Affinity groups are social and professional organizations that amplify and celebrate the experiences of individuals with a common underrepresented identity. These groups provide a social “brave” space for members of an identity group to share resources and experiences, promoting inclusivity while recognizing diversity and providing a support system. Groups for the Basic Sciences are modeled on those available to medical students. MCB and Immunology DEI Committees are collaborating to facilitate the nucleation of these groups in the research community. These groups will be fully autonomous and organized and shaped by and for the trainees in each group. Based on a student and postdoc interest survey administered in the Fall Quarter, we will hold Community Gatherings/Informational Sessions in mid-winter to discuss group organization with interested trainees. Further information will be posted here and emailed to graduate students and postdocs. We are excited to assist in the formation of these groups to celebrate our diverse community of scholars.