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Katherine Meinhold

Katherine Meinhold is a graduate student in the Bioengineering program. She is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina and did her undergraduate studies at North Carolina State University (Go Pack!). Her bachelor’s degree is in Materials Science and Engineering with a focus on biomaterials and a minor in Polymer’s Science. At the University of Washington, Katherine is in the Bioengineering program and working on her PhD in the Tissue and Regenerative Engineering lab of Dr. Jenny Robinson. Katherine’s dissertation work focuses on the optimization of electrospun systems for producing micron to nano-scale fibers for use in in vitro tissue models. More specifically this research aims to identify and validate changes in mechanical signaling of primary meniscal cells post-traumatic injury. Katherine is passionate about making connections and building community both in and out of the lab and hopes to continue on this path in her future career.


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